So, you kicked off the new year with resolutions, and one of them is to keep up with the latest and greatest in communications and media, right? Well, Mindful Kreative has you covered! In the hustle and bustle of life, podcasts can be your secret weapon – perfect for staying in the know while you’re conquering your commute or tackling those household chores. Let Mindful Kreative guide you with our top five podcast recommendations for a sensational 2024.

1. Ahead of the Curve with Coco Mocoe:
Hosted by Coco Mocoe, a marketing professional with a background in entertainment and digital media, “Ahead of the Curve” is a podcast that dives into the cutting-edge developments in the communications and media industry. From emerging tech to innovative strategies, listeners stay one step ahead by anticipating trends before they become popular. Tune in for thought-provoking conversations with industry experts and help yourself gain a competitive edge in the field of communication.

2. Marketing Insights by Third Eye:
“Marketing Insights” is the go-to podcast for a deep dive into the world of marketing. This podcast explores the latest marketing trends, consumer behavior, and relevant case studies that provide insights for professionals experiencing similar situations. Stay ahead of the game with practical tips and strategies shared by experts in the marketing field.

3. Marketing over Coffee with John J. Wall:
Grab your favorite cup of joe and join John J. Wall in his weekly podcast, “Marketing over Coffee.” This unique and conversational podcast covers many topics from SEO and social media to traditional advertising. The conversational setting of the podcast allows for authentic discussions, which makes it an enjoyable and educational experience for anyone with interest in the world of marketing.

4. The Spin Sucks Podcast with Gini Dietrich:
Hosted by the renowned communications professional Gini Dietrich, “The Spin Sucks Podcast” offers a refreshing take on the communications industry. Gini and her guests discuss the art of ethical communication, public relations, and content marketing. When listening, you’re sure to find episodes that encourage critical thinking and fostering strategic approaches to all things communication.

5. Become a Media Maven with Christina Nicholson:
If you’re looking to brush up on your media relations knowledge and learn a few tricks, “Become a Media Maven” is the podcast for you. Hosted by Christina Nicholson, a former TV reporter turned media strategist, this podcast provides actionable tips on securing media coverage and insights on how to effectively leverage various platforms. Stay updated on the latest media trends and learn how become a media-savvy expert.

Podcasts offer a convenient and enjoyable way to stay informed about the evolving world of communications and media. Our curated list ensures that you have access to industry insights, expert interviews, practical tips, and much more throughout the year. Whether you’re commuting to work or tackling household chores, make the most of your time by staying informed on the ever-changing landscape of the media industry.