Mindful Kreative is thrilled to welcome PR and Media Relations Manager Marisa Oberle to our team.

Spring is the perfect time for growing, and we’re looking forward to growing our team with Marisa. Coincidentally, spring happens to be Marisa’s favorite season after enduring the Michigan winters for many years.

Marisa’s extensive experience with hard-hitting journalism brings a unique perspective to our team and serves as a huge asset for our clients.

“Marisa’s background in journalism and experience in communications makes her a perfect fit for our team,” said Melinda Kaiser, Mindful Kreative President and CEO. “We are storytellers at our core, and Marisa’s passion for sharing stories in the community resonates deeply with us.”

Beginning with her degree in journalism with a specialization in marketing and business from Ohio University, Marisa has been weaving her passion for journalism and strategic communications knowledge together since the start of her career. As a journalist, she took on responsibilities including researching, writing, shooting, and editing video content and reported live for the station’s morning and nightly newscasts.

Being the oldest sibling, she lived up to the typical “oldest child” traits and seamlessly stepped into a leadership role by overseeing the investigative unit at one of her stations. Marisa took pride in telling the stories of those involved in the more sensitive new stories, while fostering a relationship with the community as a face on television that they could trust.

Outside of work, you can find Marisa walking her four-year-old Golden Retriever named River, hitting the gym, or snuggling up with a good book. With a fresh move back

to her hometown in Pittsburgh to kick-start this journey, Marisa is thrilled to have the opportunity to spend more time with what is number one in her heart – her family.

MK is excited to welcome Marisa back to the ‘Burgh, and we can’t wait to see all of the awesome work we’ll accomplish together.