NOW STREAMING: Episode three of The MK Office turns the spotlight to Account Manager, Natalie Mayan Schlimmer!

The question is not, “What can Natalie do,” the question is, “What can’t she do?” Natalie brings passion, creativity and exceptional leadership to the MK team. With years of experience as an account executive before joining MK, Natalie had no problem taking on an integral role managing both external and internal affairs when she started working at MK, moved to the city and decided to call Pittsburgh her home. Natalie loves to work one-on-one with clients, write captivating stories and create advertising and promotional materials. Outside of work, she considers herself quite a foodie and her true passion is tacos. She loves trying out new restaurants with her husband, Andy.

I decided to stay home, eat a bunch of tacos in my basement. Now my basement smells like tacos.”– Darryl Philbin  -Natalie Mayan Schlimmer