Spring is finally here! You wake up in the morning to the birds chirping, not snow being shoveled. You drive to work with visions of green and blue, not the brown and grey of winter. It’s a time to throw all of those New Year’s resolutions out the door. While you’re at it, throw away all of the guilt that’s harboring within for not accomplishing that long list.

Spring is the time to freshen up both physically and mentally. It’s a time to set a new goal for yourself and your company. It’s a time when goals that are set get accomplished. The days are longer, so you have a lot more time to complete tasks. The sun is shining, so you have a lot more energy too. People are out and about, so you have a lot more support from your family, friends and colleagues.

So sit back in your lawn chair and reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go personally and professionally. Maybe you still want to lose five pounds before your summer vacation. Set a realistic goal to do that. Something as simple as parking in the last parking space and walking from there is doable if you qualify it with “only on days that it’s not supposed to rain.” That buys you some leverage, gets you walking and doesn’t make you feel guilty if you park close because there’s always a possibility of rain in the forecast. It also gives you a chance to get to know the person who parks next to you and stimulate your senses before you walk into the office.

Next, look at your company. Is it time to have your product or service grow? Set a goal to move your marketing communications initiatives to the next tier so your company is the one that everyone is thinking about. Now may be the perfect time to consider radio and/or outdoor advertising. Summer is right around the corner, a time when people have their radios blasting as they work on outdoor projects. How often have you heard a tune or a jingle on the radio and can’t get it out of your head for the rest of the day? It’s also a time when people are more inclined to notice billboards as they drive with their windows down. Showcasing your business on these larger-than-life outdoor boards can really show others how your business can work for them in a BIG way.

As a full-service marketing communications firm, Mindful Kreative has created and placed both radio and outdoor advertisements. We understand that billboards and radio will get you both seen and heard. We’re a support team that can guide you through the process, ensure you accomplish your marketing goals and help you seen reap the benefits.

Whether personal or professional, big or small, set your goal, find your support system to make it happen and reap the benefit of your May resolution!