Introducing the new

Everyone has a unique story to tell. So what if your tale isn’t the sort of thing that inspires a Hollywood blockbuster or leads a best-selling author to pen your biography? This doesn’t mean you should keep your story to yourself; it’s still important.

Knowing this, we thought it was time we share our story. Like most companies, Mindful Kreative began with an idea from an inspired, determined woman. But that’s where the similarities end really.

After spending time in the trenches of large agencies and walking in the clients’ shoes, Melinda Kaiser established the company she always wanted to hire. She was determined to create the “anti-agency” agency and offer businesses a new way to receive communications support. This unique approach, as well as her industry expertise and years of experience, made her a sought after communications consultant.

As her client list grew, so did the company. Now – twelve years, three additional employees and many talented freelance collaborators, a few certifications and awards, and countless happy clients later – Mindful Kreative has evolved into an award-winning boutique agency.

Our mission, values and customized approach remain unchanged, but this progress has given us an opportunity to further develop our brand and celebrate our growth. We’re celebrating this success by launching a new and improved company website, as well as establishing the Always Mindful blog.

We’re excited to reintroduce Mindful Kreative as the best resource to meet any and all marketing communications and media needs. And we hope you’ll join us in marking the occasion! We want you to help us whisper it, tell it, show it, shout it or scream it — and help to tell our story in the same way we would share your tale.

With your support, we can continue to grow but also remain focused on doing what we do best. And isn’t being the best the real point?