Mindful Kreative is thrilled to have Alexa Headley join us as our Graphic Design intern this summer! Alexa is a rising senior at Robert Morris University, where she is majoring in Media Arts and Graphic Design. 

Alexa brings impressive experience to the MK team. She has worked as a graphic design intern at The Church Online, as a graphic designer for the RMU Center for Global Engagement and is currently Chief Graphic Designer for RMU Sentry Media, a student-run news outlet. Through these experiences, she has developed a well-rounded skill set that includes a keen eye for design, as well as the ability to collaborate and manage team projects. She also applies her knowledge and visual edge to social media, as she has created digital content for social media pages in many of her roles.

“Alexa has great experience and a lot of raw talent,” said Creative Content/Design Lead, Erica Lorenz-Hays. “Her natural artistic ability combined with the design and project management skills she’s developed through her various roles make her an excellent fit for the team this summer.”

Alexa is excited to take another step toward a career in graphic design, as it has always been her passion.

“I love telling stories and creating unity in a visual way,” Alexa said. “Pictures have a way of helping me understand, and I believe I am not the only one. So, to work alongside companies that are trying to create a purpose with their brand is definitely something I love being part of.”

But graphic design is not the only thing she’s great at! Alexa is also skilled with a pen and paper where she enjoys hand-lettering, calligraphy, journaling and writing letters to friends and family. She also gets active on the slopes for some skiing in the winter, and loves playing ultimate frisbee in the summer.

With all of these hobbies, there’s just not enough hours in the day to do it all, which is why Alexa considers herself a night owl. That could also explain why she loves her coffee so much in the morning – hot like her design skills.