Mindful Kreative is so excited to have Willem Kern on our graphic design team for the spring semester! Willem is a graduate of Marietta College, where he earned a B.A. in Graphic Design and was a member of Kappi Pi International Art Honor Society.

Ready to hit the ground running, Willem’s past experience only begins to show the strengths he brings to our team. From interning with places including Peoples Bank Theatre and the Stonewall Group, Willem has diverse experience and a versatile skillset.

In his time as a professional, he has found that logo design, typography and creative direction are just a few of his fortes- but his passion for design didn’t start there.

“I first started playing around with design software in middle school as a fun hobby” said Willem. “I’m so glad it’s gradually turned into a career path for me over the years.”

As someone who is always searching for creative inspiration, Willem also likes to travel and write to foster new ideas. After a trip to Amsterdam a year ago, Willem is already planning his next big trip to Joshua Tree.

While he loves traveling, he holds a special place in his heart for Pittsburgh. “Pittsburgh has a real cool vibe to it,” said Willem. “I’ve always admired the city’s cool arts and culture scene.”

A current hobby of Willem’s is collecting vinyl records, and if that wasn’t cool enough, he’d also love to try and take up something new, like woodworking and building furniture. We’re sure his furniture designs would be top-notch!

Willem’s favorite quote is “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard,” from Kevin Durant. We can understand why this quote is his favorite as he continues to show this hard-working attitude on projects at Mindful Kreative. We can’t wait to see what Willem accomplishes during his time with us!