Mindful Kreative was thrilled to have Julia Ruffing as an intern for the spring semester, and we are even more ecstatic to announce that she has joined our team as a Graphic Designer!

Julia recently graduated from La Roche University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design. She has been such a strong addition to our design team, and we’re happy to have her and her skills stick with us!

Before her time at Mindful Kreative, Julia gained experience in everything from creating logos to other promotional branding through her work with Embargo, Pittsburgh Cares and Music for MS, to name a few. When she joined the MK team, we were quick to test her skills by giving her a variety of projects and challenges to conquer for several clients. She rose to the occasion with a positive attitude and high-quality work every time.

“Julia is an absolute joy to work with, which was apparent from the very beginning of her internship with us,” said Mindful Kreative President and CEO, Melinda Kaiser. “Her growth with us so far proves her limitless potential, and her diverse skillset fits our needs perfectly.”

It’s no surprise that Julia has blended in seamlessly with our team with her adaptability from project to project and passion for continuing to learn.

“The best part about my job at Mindful Kreative is getting to work with people that have all had different experiences and learning new skills from my fellow team members,” Julia said. “I’ve learned a lot already and am excited to keep applying these skills to solve new challenges through the use of design.”

When Julia isn’t hard at work, she loves collecting miniature items and plants, as well as planning dream vacations to Australia and Japan – both of which she hopes to visit in the future.

With her favorite drink, an iced coffee, in-hand and her favorite motto, “Take every day one step at a time,” in her heart, Julia is ready to take on this new experience and anything that comes her way. We know she’ll continue to accomplish great things as part of the MK team!