Remember a time when music wasn’t digital? From cassette tapes to CDs and everything in between, we always saw music being produced for the world to enjoy on a physical object— until 20 years ago when the iPod was born.

While celebrating the birthday of this revolutionary device, we thought it would only be right to incorporate the iPod into this year’s Trends Report, especially considering how music relates to our work as communications professionals. Although we’re not winning any Grammy’s, we as communicators tell stories, strive to hit the right tone and draw emotion, just like musicians.

Each year, Mindful Kreative takes the time to explore the marketing communications industry’s latest trends so that we can grow our knowledge and apply them to our client’s objectives in a meaningful, creative way.

We surely hope this year’s trends report is “music to your ears.” Now, we invite you to hit “play” on our Playlist of 2022 Trends!

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