The Internet has taken the world by storm. This is great news for companies that have a strong web presence, but it’s bad news for those who do not. In today’s age, it’s essential to remember most audiences are using the Internet, so you must keep them engaged. A great way to keep your audience interested and knowledgeable about your brand is to start a company blog.

Whether B2B or B2C, you may be wondering if a blog is right for your company. We wanted to share a few reasons why a blog can be for your own benefit, as well as for the benefit of your audience. Once you realize a blog can be a win for everyone, you may just find that a blog is the one communications tool missing from your strategy.

1. A blog provides current and updated material for your audience to read.

Let’s face it. It’s hard to keep people coming to your site frequently if they aren’t in need of your product or service. A company blog, however, can keep people interested in what your company has to say regularly. Blog posts can feature any type of material but some of the more common ideas include updates about your product or service, advice from professionals, or fun posts that address the interests of your audience. No matter which format or topic you choose to write about, be sure to make your blog posts consistent and meaningful.

2. A company blog provides a gateway for people to see the personalities behind your company.

There is only so much content a company can put on their website. A blog, on the other hand, provides an outlet for your company to showcase the people behind your products or services. Add some personality to your blog posts to keep your audience interested! Be sure to spice up the posts with a little creative edge so people keep coming back for more. Also make sure your blog posts are personable. A reader will come back for more if he or she feels a connection to the writer.

3. Blogging shows that your company cares about and wants to engage with your audience.

A company blog shows how much your company truly cares about your audience. If your company didn’t care, then you wouldn’t take the time to write helpful blog posts for people to read. A blog shows a sense of transparency between your company and the reader, as it allows the reader to see the thoughts going on behind the scenes. It’s the perfect place to showcase what positivity and thoughtfulness is constantly at work behind the brand! When readers are able to see your company as more than a brand, they may develop a deeper connection with the company.

4. A blog allows your company to directly ask your audience to get involved.

When writing blog posts, it’s important that the audience gets involved in some way. Ask for their insight on a particular blog post to gain feedback or increase activity. While you can encourage your audience to comment directly on the blog, you can also ask readers to tweet about or share a blog post on Facebook in order to enter in some sort of contest. This increases audience engagement on multiple online platforms, and ultimately, may expand your reach.

5. A company blog allows you to highlight various projects in more depth.

Don’t be afraid to write a blog about your newest company endeavor, as it demonstrates your company’s passion. Share images of your products, ask the audience to share them on social media platforms and perhaps create an incentive for those who do. This, in itself, is its own type of publicity for the company, which requires little work on your end. Oh, the beauty of the Internet!

Keep your blog interesting and exciting by writing about a variety of topics on a regular basis. And don’t forget to make the posts personable. Personality will make the audience come back for more and probably create a band of loyal followers. But most importantly, remember that your blog is meant to serve as a resource. You’re the expert, so share what you know in a new way.

Now that you know the basics, get to it and start blogging away!