Mindful Kreative is excited to welcome Paige Crawley to the team this semester as our Graphic Design Intern! Paige is currently a senior at PennWest Edinboro University where she is majoring in Graphic and Interactive Design.

Over the last few years, Paige has picked up some impressive professional experience— and a few awards for her work along the way, too! Prior to joining Mindful Kreative, Paige served as the Graphic Design Intern at Impact Corry where she designed brand identity, posters, social media graphics, print collateral and motion graphics. She also served as a designer for Edinboro Beehive, her university’s student-operated design firm, where she gained experience working with real-world clients. Paige even found herself behind the camera for a few years running her own photography business. (What can’t she do?!)

“As a graphic design student, I’ve learned that there are times when you follow the rules but other times when you have to go outside of the box and break them,” said Paige. “Graphic design is a process that takes a lot of trial and error. I’ve learned to call failures or mistakes ‘learning experiences’ and reframed my mindset to be more open to taking creative risks where appropriate.”

While Paige loves nothing more than bringing a brand’s image to life, she has recently started putting her visions to paper— literally! When she’s not in front of her computer, you can find Paige sitting by the Edinboro lake painting with watercolors while she soaks in some quiet time.

Paige’s creativity follows her through every aspect of her life, especially in the kitchen! If she wasn’t working in graphic design, she would own a catering business or be a private chef. She loves to plan themed dinner parties and has even cultivated her own sourdough starter! One of her bucket list items is to someday visit New York City, specifically Little Italy and Chinatown, to check out its food scene and specialty grocery stores.

If she’s not cooking up a new recipe in her kitchen or in an art building on campus, you can most likely find Paige snuggled up on the couch with her cat Vita while binge watching Shameless.

Paige titles this chapter of her life as “Growing Pains and Butterfly Wings.” We can’t wait to see to see Paige continue to come out of her “cocoon” as she spends her semester with us!