Year after year, football fans cheer, holler and hope for their favorite team to make it all the way to the big game. And while die hard fans are waiting in anticipation for the game to start, advertising pros would be fine enjoying buffalo chicken dip in the comfort of their own home, because a crowded Superbowl party would simply be too distracting and too hard to hear what we’ve really been waiting for…the commercial breaks.

In the days after the big game people move on with their lives and forget who the opponent was, but good commercials live on in our memories, and our social media. Superbowl ads always draw a crowd of their own, and this year was no exception. Consistently delivering on heartwarming, hysterical and high-impact spots, we picked the ones we thought hit the mark and stayed with us most after the final play.

Celebrity Saturation

Hyundai – “Smaht Pahk”

Tear-jerking Television

Google – “Loretta”

LOL Patrol

Doritos – “The Cool Ranch”

Community Conversation

Microsoft – “Be The One”

Timing is Everything

Jeep – “Groundhog Day”

Cue the Curve Ball

            Hulu – “Tom Brady’s Big Announcement”

You can check out a compilation of all ads that aired on Sunday night, here, put together by AdWeek.

Which spot was your favorite? Did it make our list? Leave us a comment below!