We know it’s not January just yet, but for some of us, the fall season officially marks the beginning of a New Year. Kids go back to school, the weather cools and the leaves change, but more importantly, the new television season begins. We’ve got 22 new shows to look forward to during premiere week alone!

During the third week of September – and let’s not forget about the weeks leading up to it – viewers are bombarded with reminders that new shows will premiere and new episodes of their favorite shows will return. It brings to a close the endless slog through the summer months of repeats and first episodes of shows that (let’s be honest) probably weren’t good enough for a fall premiere. We can rejoice in a new season of Dancing with the Stars or immerse ourselves in weekends full of sports – football (professional and college), baseball (Let’s Go Bucs!) and hockey (but that will be with us until next summer).

But which shows will make the cut? In a recent article on adweek.com, it was reported that new shows face their “make or break” moment in the first 15 minutes of the first episode. Last fall, Peel – whose app turns smartphones into remote controls – found that “except for one instance, every fall show that ended up canceled had lost more than 30 percent of its premiere episode audience by the 15-minute mark.” Fifteen minutes to determine a win or a loss? Stunning.

So how does a brand determine where to place their advertising in this type of landscape? Simple, let the professionals help you! At Mindful Kreative, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to recommend the right mix and placement for our clients, along with the skills needed to ensure that what was planned, negotiated and placed on behalf of our clients is delivered.

Buying TV and cable spots should never be a matter of how much can you get as cheaply as possible. Instead, the buying and negotiating process needs to be well thought out:

  • Who are you trying to reach? Think about age, income and education level.
  • Where are those people located? Is targeted cable a better option than the traditional market-wide networks?
  • Where can you best reach them? When do they watch TV? What cable networks do they favor?
  • What is the best plan based upon the available budget?

Going this road alone, without the help of a professional, can be daunting. However, Mindful Kreative has long-standing relationships with a variety of media – television, cable, radio, outdoor, print and online. – that allow us to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their money was spent as if it was our money.

In an environment where 15 minutes matters, Mindful Kreative has the resources to make certain your ad dollars are wisely invested. So why not ask us how we can make the start of this New Year work for you and your brand?