Content Marketing is becoming an increasingly popular form of advertising. According to Codeless, companies that implement content marketing strategies see six times higher conversion rates than those who do not. For example, Brandon Gaille explains that including graphics receive more than double the traffic of straight text-based posts.

The ability to create simple designs to be used as content will expand your brand. Producing content can be a challenging task, but these tools will allow you to design awesome graphics on your own.

Implementing forms of content marketing through graphic design has the potential to increase your reach on social media and attract more readers to your blog. Adobe Creative Cloud offers great tools for creating designs, but learning the Adobe programs takes time and the programs themselves don’t come cheap. Sketch and Affinity can also expand your creative resources, but these tools come with a fee. Canva, GIMP, and Inkscape are among the most popular free graphic design apps for starters. Check out these platforms and see if one (or more) fits your needs and can strengthen your communcations!