Mindful Kreative is excited to welcome Megan Johnson to our team as a Graphic Designer! A triple threat with expertise in design, photography and social media marketing, Megan is sure to be a huge asset for Mindful Kreative and our clients.

While Megan is the newest, official addition to our team, she is no stranger around here. Prior to joining Mindful Kreative, Megan worked as a freelance graphic designer where she worked with a variety of clients (including us!) to bring their design solutions to life through forming brand identities, videography, creating print materials, photography and so much more. Although graphic design is her passion, Megan also enjoys spending time behind the camera with her own photography business.

“Megan’s go-getter attitude paired with her professional knowledge makes her the perfect fit for this role,” said Melinda Kaiser, Mindful Kreative President and Founder. “Her preceding knowledge of our clients’ needs from working as a freelance partner of ours makes for a seamless transition, and we are thrilled that she has found her way back to our team.”

Megan’s previous experience with our client base has already proven valuable. With new challenges and projects being thrown her way, her curious and detail-oriented nature has helped her learn brand stories and bring them to life.

“Communication is the core of graphic design,” said Megan. “The whole point of graphic design is communicating something and telling a compelling story in a visual format.”

When she’s not in front of the computer working on her latest and greatest design project, you can find Megan collecting and making hand-painted Disney ears, playing Dungeons and Dragons or horseback riding with her sassy, 25-year-old Quarter Horse, Shy!

Megan describes herself as a motivated, outside-of-the-box thinker. When she dreams, she dreams big. Whether it’s about exploring the ice caves and black sand beaches in Iceland or learning concept art to work on the next big Star Wars movie, we’re sure she’ll bring these aspirations to life as her personal motto is “Vision without action is a daydream.”

If Megan were an ice cream flavor, she says she would be the Chicago-based flavor ‘Rainbow’ because she is a vibrant and diverse individual. We can’t wait to see the “flavor” she brings to her work and look forward to watching her grow in this role!