The media industry is in a monumental state of change, which is why we think it’s more important than ever to push the boundaries beyond traditional advertising. We remain fans of established tactics like print ads, billboards, radio spots and TV commercials but also recognize the value of modern methods such as online ads and sponsored posts on social networks.

Whatever your preferred form(s) of advertising, knowing your money is being spent efficiently and effectively should be the motivation behind every ad campaign. Our Director of Media, Amy Meyers, even suggests you consider how you can make your dollars work harder.

This is where added value partnerships come into play. Media partners really appreciate the money you spend on advertising so they’re often willing to discuss additional promotional opportunities that add value to your buy and help you get more bang for your buck. Here we discuss just a few added value options you might want to explore in the future.


Added value opportunities that may be available from TV and radio stations include:

  • Bonus units or additional spots provided to an advertiser at no charge
  • Pre-recorded interviews or educational spots that showcase you or your company as an expert resource
  • Appearance or feature segment on local market programs
  • Logo placement (TV) or company shout out (radio) during shows

Added value opportunities that may be available from publications include:

  • Advertorial or an article that appears like a legitimate, independent news story that also promotes your company
  • Company listing or overview in a special edition of the publication
  • Feature in the online edition of the publication
  • Mention in a subscriber e-blast

Added value opportunities that may be available if you sponsor an event, activity or organization include:

  • Logo or company recognition on promotional materials, website, social media, etc.
  • Preferred vendor status or organizational endorsement
  • On-site product sampling, demonstration or display opportunities
  • Chance to provide inserts in mailers

You’ll notice that these additional opportunities blur the lines between advertising and public relations. That’s really the point because no facet of communications can stand alone and effectively increase brand awareness. Keep in mind that these added value partnerships will not only help you reach your communications goals but also provide a big payoff.